Saturday, January 31, 2015

Computer program taught itself to walk.

Close up shot of a Japanese pussy

Obama doesn't trust Fox news

Primal instinct

Kids shows these days.

The Magic of Didney

The brilliance of modern-day man

To the guy eating pizza rolls for breakfast..


He's got a point

Gently blow on your screen...

I wish i was this creative when I sold my car

Ferrets equivalent to a ball pit

Myself and a friend also followed our GPS to the same spot a few years ago, trying to find Wilmington airport.

Cat helps out his fishy friend

More grown up than many adults.

Punk Philosophy

Biggest bro save of all time

But...You just said...

Almost... Almost...


Comedy of drunken errors.

This is the greatest Venn Diagram to ever exist.

My life is a lie

The tables have turned

huh? no idea. nope. no.

British combat the snow with professionalism and efficiency.

Kanye realizing he was smiling.


If you can afford a Lamborghini you can probably afford the fine

The resemblance is strong with this one.

The only time a selfie stick is ok

We know Kung Fu.

Conan gets science jokes

This sums up my life.

Some of my teaching colleagues thought I got the tone wrong when I made a sign to stop students annoying us at lunch. What does Reddit think?

My fiancé, for whom English is a 2nd language

Hi guys, whuts erp?


Girl look at that body..

I miss drake and josh

Dads are the best.

Catch a little fish... Do a little dance ...

How Valentine's Day is starting to look

My life has no meaning

My favourite graph

Friday, January 30, 2015

This person who is aware of their surroundings.

Such a sithy little darling

Most gigs I've played

Jackie Chan's daughter?