Saturday, February 28, 2015

Googled "common core math" to try to explain it to my boyfriend. This was the first image result

Dont pee and sneeze!

Challenge accepted

Kids are assholes

Asked a girl out. She said yes and asked what we were gonna do.'t%2Bknow%2BI%2Bdidn't%2Bthink%2BI'd%2Bget%2Bthis%2Bfar.jpg

Thug Life

Tetris alarm clock... take my money!

Who thought this was a good idea?

Tough day on the job for Franklin

Canadian parties

bitch I'm dying

How every drunk one night stand goes

My son is a ridiculous little person.

The key to happiness - Mr Peanut Butter.

My mom and my little sister bought these keychains at a local swap meet. They werent expecting what was inside them. [NSFW]

This is what my mother posted on Facebook for my birthday, while everyone else was commenting with the usual "Happy Birthday!"

This is how the screen on my iPod broke:

This post is going nowhere fast.

one of my favorite offensive jokes

Some serious monkey business

As a grown-up and movie-fan, I really appreciated this running gag in "Penguins of Madagascar."

At my favorite Burrito place...

Just stretching my calf muscles

Baby hears sound for the first time

Hard work is so over.

Illustrated a children's book a few years back. Still rolling in royalty checks.

Slow motion camera being used like it should be

When life gives you bananas...

Just keep out of his sight and you'll be fine...

Let it Show

I got drunk and tried to make mac and cheese last night but I accidentally passed out on the couch for 3 hours...

So many half-ass posts are making it to the front page lately, thought I might try my luck.

Eat your own shit klepto.

Found this at Best Buy. Send help...



Florida sewer Rat.

So close.

I spilled a bunch of parmesan cheese when making breakfast this morning. Let the race begin!

My mate had a bit of a rough night...

green screen

Lassie, get help!

TIL there's an Imperial Star Destroyer disguised as a sports club near my house.


Suspension doing its thing

There's a bee on your back

Have you ever seen a cat become broken? [x-post from /r/funny]

Old skater proves the haters wrong

Well fuck you too fortune cookie

Hugh Jackman forgets he's not actually Wolverine in Night at the Museum 3.