Friday, July 31, 2015

A good way to meet women is to hand out dick picks.

Chris Pratt is having a Facebook cover photo contest. This is my favorite entry so far...

Shock & Awe

My friends daughter looks like a mini Patton Oswalt.

I think I'm breathing, wait, how do I breathe??

Pop the Balloon!

So much effort just to prank one person

They don't call him 'the Science guy' for nothing

It could be worse.

My uncle has life figured out

Owl Has No Fucks to Give


Dammit, white people

Friend of mine got a wrong number this morning.

i sometimes wonder how my dad ever lived to be 54

Watching Jurassic Park 2 when suddenly

My cousin's 2 year old kept getting bit by other kids at her daycare...

The perfect place to lay down

What true love looks like

What true love looks like

Some people are just good at their jobs

Sex life after baby

Drawing a solar system

Furniture moving method in the Netherlands

Dog won't come inside until owner 'opens the door'

Me at any Mexican Restaurant

Pop a wheelie

Girl passes out on slingshot ride

Local Detroit Radio station just posted this

Redneck couch moving

Making Egyptian Coffee

How to do a proper handstand, wait for it...

Guy with Road rage tries to kick cyclist of his bike

well she's not wrong...

Being a parent.

Cthulhu´s Coming

Gotta get those bottom pieces before they get soggy.

I have only two hands but three foods

''Pet of the Day''

Honey, do you remember your first kiss?

Perfect loading sign

Life was simple back then

Alright Microsoft Edge, Let's See Who You REALLY Are!

What are all those sparkles in the grass...OHGODNO

I think the deer are on to something.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

GoPro in Space Water

My gf photoshops pugs into different scenes

Chicken Shaming

Cosby FTW

Here, Feel My Heartbeat